“I changed processors four times. Each time I was told I would be charged less and I was charged more. Pili came out and explained my statement, charge by charge and explained all the fees. Pili explained that her company does not charge additional fees. After processing with Pili for years, my charges still haven’t changed and are still the lowest. She has saved me lots of money!”


– Fred Mokou
Eagle Gas


“Pili Hernandez walked into my business literally days after I’d just signed a contract with a new credit card processor.  We’d done extensive research on the industry and thought we’d made an informed decision.  Pili was direct and to the point with my questions, never wavering, as I had just researched the industry and felt I knew what I was talking about.  She came back the next day with amazing numbers and results.  I cancelled my new company and joined with Pili company and her team immediately.  Their customer service reps are well spoken, always available live at all hours, local and help me through each new task and step successfully.  I am very happy that I joined her team and that Pili is taking great care of me & my business.  Thank You Pili!”


– Jeff Sirota
Minuteman Press

“I wanted to write to express my gratitude and deepest thanks to Pili for all her efforts and hard work with our companies for the past 8 years. Before knowing Pili I considered dealing with credit card processors a nightmare since they all seemed dishonest and never stuck to their promised rates. Pili on the other hand has always been straight forward, honest and a great pleasure to work with. I always look forward to her heartwarming smile.”


– Sami Hijazi
Tri-H Gas

“When we talk about merchant service, in my mind, I always think that another unethical representative was going to approach me due to my terrible experience in the past. The way other companies talked to you first, they mention that they are the cheapest and no one can be more competitive than them. After several bad experiences, I asked my friends that are in the business for help.


They told me to talk to Pili. That was 7 years ago. I met Pili and I said to myself “OMG I hope I am not dealing with another unethical person, like the ones I have dealt with before.” My experience with Pili was excellent and has improved to a professional level of friendship and trust. She always helps, even if it is something out of her industry. If she knows she would help me, and if she does not, she will try to seek an answer. I believe that Pili is honest with her clients which made her successful and known around the retail industry nationwide. When any business people ask for a merchant service, I always refer him/her to Pili.
Thank you Pili for everything you have done to improve my company and seek for professionalism.”


Best Regards,


– Muhnad Alshammari

“I have worked with thousands of vendors in my career. In the past I would say that Merchant Processing is the vendor I least liked working with, that was until I met Pili. I have never known someone so eager to help, informed on their products, and willing to take a step above and beyond to serve me and my company. There is no choice in this arena, if you need merchant processing services, the service provider you need is Pili.”


– Jim Christensen
FunKey MonKey Entertainment, Inc. 
Chief Executive Officer

“Only once have I called a vendor while I knew they were on vacation. My issue, in the grand scheme of things wasn’t that big, no life would end, no money would be lost: I was just frustrated, I don’t even remember what the actual issue was. I didn’t know Pili was on the other side of the world and it was 2:00 AM when I called. Not only did she pick up the phone, but she helped me through my problem and gained a client for life.”


– Kirsten Clark
Sofi Dental Care & Cosmetic

“Pili is one of the nicest and most genuine people I have met.  She has the altruistic goal of holistically trying to help more small businesses succeed.  Many get into bad deals with payment processing and Pili educates business owners on the facts about her industry.  She vets referral partners across varied business functions and can deliver trusted contacts to help clients with accounting, receivables, technology, and many other disciplines.  
We routinely refer clients to Pili.  She is enjoyable to be around and honest.  She wants to help small business, period, and on the rare occasion that she cannot deliver referrals, cost savings, or other help, she is direct in sharing that information.  I have learned a lot from Pili and look forward to our continued journey of helping more small businesses succeed.”


– Sherri Silletti
What A Relief Services
Director of Operations