Merchant Processing


There are almost as many ways to accept credit cards today as types of credit cards.  Accepting payments in your business can seem too complex, expensive and ultimately to confusing.  Should you be an expert in credit cards acceptance?  No, of course not. That is why you need a strategic planning and execution partner to help you plan for taking credit card payments that’s simple. 


We understand that becoming an expert at payments and credit cards acceptance is not one of your top priorities.  However,  you can make serious and costly mistakes if you do not work with a trusted payment consultant that will help guide you on how to best accept payments for your business. Especially, as the payment industry continues to evolve with digital wallets, apps, and portals…  


You need to find payment solution for accepting payments at your business guided by a professional in the payment industry.  A payment professional that is an expert in credit cards and digital payment platforms.  A strategic partner that is loyal and devoted to you and the success of your business and not one processor. Trusted Payment Technologies can help customize your payment solutions to your business needs and make the process as simple a possible. We guarantee our work and provide expert strategic solutions for the best payment processing plan for your business.  


Opening your business took guts.  There’s a lot invested in your success.  Let us help you find the right payment solution for your business!